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How to monitor and control fans?


I have searched high and low, but have not found a utility that will monitor and control the 2x fans in my MS Surface Studio.  I recently completed an SSD upgrade and the Samsung 2TB 970 EVO Plus I inserted in the M.2 slot works great - very fast, but also runs '''VERY HOT (between 55 and 60 degrees C - not F…)'''.  I am hoping that I could monitor and (hopefully) control the speed of the fans with the correct software.  I currently have an obscene number of external fans I am using to cool the PC that I’ve strategically placed beneath (Thermaltake Pro) and above and behind (AC Infinity fans that are typically used for cooling home theatre components) - it’s an unsightly scene, and really defeats the purpose of using a beautiful slim and sleek small form factor such as the Surface Studio.  If anyone has figured out how to do this I would be very grateful for your assistance.  Thank you in advance!!!


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