Asus X550LD FHD Screen Upgrade: Proper Display Cable

I am trying to upgrade an Asus Laptop. It is an international variant, but is an X550LD board.

  • What I Started With

The board has a 40-pin video connector for video output.

It comes with an LG LP156WH3 (TL)(S1) Screen; it is a regular HD screen with a 40-Pin video connector.

The cable is an X550 LVDS Cable Luxshare-ICT 1422-01FV000. To my understanding it is a single channel cable, I suppose there is a small chance it could be dual channel but after peeling the protective shielding away it looks like there are much too few cables going to the pins. Both ends are 40 Pin connectors.

  • What I have Researched:

I have been browsing replacement cables on and there are 4 possible cables: 3 LVDS and 1 EDP. 1 of the LVDS is listed explicitly as for the touch screen variant (1422-01KD000). The other 2 LVDS Cables (1422-01G0000 and 1422-01M6000) appear identical, but neither model number matches my current cable.

To further complicate things, the EDP cable that they have listed has 2 different model numbers on the listing description: 1422-01PB000 and 1422-01JN000. THEN in the picture another model number is visible 1422-01PA000.

  • What I Tried for the Upgrade:

I have purchased an EDP Cable with model number 1422-01JN000. One end is 30 Pin (EDP?) and the other is a 40 Pin for my board.

I have also purchased a LG LP156WF4 (SP)(J1) screen for the upgrade; it is a FHD screen with a 30 Pin (EDP?) connector.

  • It Didn’t Work, Why I Think So, and Questions:

So in theory, my screen upgrade should work, all connectors fit. But there is no life on my new screen. However this is assuming that the EDP cable is Dual-Channel. I have also peeked at the internal wiring, and it does seem that there is enough.

However this begs the next question, LVDS and EDP are 2 different display technologies. Is my board even compatible with EDP? Or am I thinking about this wrong?

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