Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Sony Xperia X Compact. This is a compact smartphone that was announced and released in September 2016.

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guide for replacing display assembly

does anyone have a guide or bona fide link to replacing the display assembly on a x3 compact model?

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Outline the Basic Steps of Sony Xperia X Compact Screen Replacement":

Step 1 – Removing The Back Cover

Step 2 – Removing The Back Frame and Camera

Step 3 – Removing The Loudspeaker

Step 4 – Removing The Motherboard

Step 5 – Applying New LCD/Frame

Step 6 – Reattaching Motherboard

Step 7 – Reconnecting The Camera And Audio Jack Connectors

Step 8 – Reconnecting The Loudspeaker

Step 9 – Relocating The Back Frame

Step 10 – Reapply The Back Cover

To check out the specific step-by-step guides, check out the post, or the YouTube video.

As you can see, a Sony Xperia Screen Replacement is an extremely complicated repair, be more careful with each of the step.

Good luck!


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