Erratic booting and at times does not reboot at all

My MacBook air is functioning erratically, did not see any water damage, how do I debug this?

Block Image

Update (02/24/2019)

Block Image

Block Image

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Your picture is not very sharp as such it doesn't offer anything useful on the logic board. The Top left cell looks a bit off but that maybe the lighting and blur.

Instead lets go through a proper diagnostic process. First lets check your battery by installing CoconutBattery post a snapshot of the main window here for us to see Adding images to an existing question.

Next, lets open the Console app (in Apps > Utilities folder) do you have any current crash reports? if you do safe it to a PDF and post it as well.


Hi Dan,

I am unable to log in. As I log in, it shuts down and any attempts to reboot results in no response. After a time lag and many retries, it will reboot and then immediately shut down. When it boots I see the battery at 36% and once I saw at 95% so there seems to be some battery charge left.


OK, lets try this, disconnect the battery hold the power button for a good 2 minutes, then plug in your MagSafe charger did that stabilize your systems rebooting?


I got it to boot once cleanly and was able to log in and then when I disconnected power it shut down and have not been to reboot it since.

I had to reconnect battery for now to close the lid. This is Mid 2012 MacBook Air 11” [I had wrongly selected as 2011]

I’m also hearing a lot of fan noise, which I could not hear before even though I have not been able to boot it after the one power reset.


Repeat the process and this time with the battery re-installed run this app CoconutBattery and get a snapshot of the apps main window and paste it here for us to see Adding images to an existing question. You'll want to have a USB drive ready with the app and so you can pull of the screenshot off.