The Ninja Coffee Bar CF086 is a coffee maker with a 43 oz. Thermal Carafe and Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence.

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How do I disassemble the drip stop cup to fix the contact inside?

My drip stop is not working all the time. The trouble light comes on sometimes even when the drip stop is in the open position. So I want to disassemble the drip stop cup/filter holder to clean or otherwise fix the contact inside. How do I take it apart without breaking it?

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There is a Phillips head screw in the center of the bottom of the drip cup. Remove it, along with the plastic washer and spring. The drip stop assemble then should pop loose with just some slight pressure. Check to see if sensor activation magnet has rusted out (located inside the tall post at the back of the drip stop assembly).


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Yes it is, what is the best fix? I do not want to buy a brand new Drip cup. Why don't they just sell the drip stop assembly!? It would be so easy to replace. Ninja customer service tried to sell me a brand new coffee maker for $140!!



That portion that protrudes out above your Multi serve cup platform. Tape a small magnet at the bottom portion. You may need to move the magnet around to find the best location.

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