Released in 1999, successor to the original PowerMac G3, 300-450 MHz, 64 or 128 MB of RAM, 6 or 12 GB HDD

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Replacement outer plastic for sale?

I finally received my Power Mac in the mail today and I am a very happy camper. It works like a charm and has OS X Panther as the OS. I am also planning to create some repair guides soon for this Mac as there are currently none besides a teardown.

Here are my system specs.

However, the outer shell is very damaged on one side…

Block Image

Now thats a lot of damage!

I see that the plastic shell is modular and can be removed. My question is where can I find replacement outer casing parts for this model.

@mayer @danj ideas?

PS: I wrote this entire question using only a puck mouse and an Apple Bondi Blue USB keyboard that came with the PowerMac. Great deal!

Update (11/02/2018)

@mayer The guides I made for this Mac are public. Take a look if you wish, I appreciate feedback. One thing I will definitely agree with is if you say that I need to take better pictures.

I anticipate making more guides on how to replace the power supply, fan, logic board, outer casing and SSD/HDD.

Power Macintosh G3 Blue and White Graphics Card Replacement

Power Macintosh G3 Blue and White PRAM Battery Replacement

Power Macintosh G3 Blue and White RAM Replacement

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Power Macintosh G3 Blue and White RAM Replacement



4 - 6 minutes

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Power Macintosh G3 Blue and White Graphics Card Replacement



5 - 10 minutes

crwdns2886500:0Power Macintosh G3 Blue and White PRAM Batterycrwdne2886500:0


Power Macintosh G3 Blue and White PRAM Battery Replacement



5 - 7 minutes

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Let me look in the garage and see if I have one that’s parted out. How’s the PRAM battery? (will it hold the date and time when not connected to the internet)?

What’s your RAM configuration?

Do you have any programs or games that will run on it?


Happy Halloween.

RAM Type: PC100 SDRAM Min. RAM Speed: 100 MHz

Details: Formally supports 100 MHz PC100 SDRAM (3.3v, unbuffered, 64-bit-wide, 168-pin). However, PC133 SDRAM is backwards compatible and may be used as well.

Standard RAM: 64 MB, 128 MB* Maximum RAM: 1 GB

I forgot how many RAM slots that machine has and EveryMac doesn’t say.

Are you going to install system9 too, so you can run older games?


the OWC - That drive may work but if I remember correctly, you may have to have a 12GB partition with the systems on it. You need to research that.


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@mayer Switched out the PRAM battery with a new one, holds the date and time just fine. RAM config is maxed out at 128 MB (ouch, that isn't a lot). Got an AirPort Extreme card in it so I can use Safari to view the Apple website... aaaaaand that's about it. I can run minesweeper but that's about it for games.


Bad news... ;-(

I think the hard drive just died. It froze when it was booting up; I tapped the power button to turn it off. Now, when it boots I get the retro flashing folder. Looks like I am going to be getting a new HDD. Would this be a substantial replacement?

Back to the discussion on the outer plastic, I think I found the proper replacement outer plastic shell and bottom foot for sale at


@mayer I could take it or leave it with System 9. It would be nice to have a computer that can run System 9 but I am too lazy to buy an installation CD. I guess we will see what road I go down when I get the new SSD.


@ajcooke01 Please email me with a list of your software requests. Use your guide and serial number to look up your exact machine.


@mayer Unfortunately this machine is now a brick from what I can see. I'm going to try a new GFX card but I don't have high hopes.




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