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MacBook Air shutting down randomly on OS install

I have a MacBook Air 11” from 2012.

The laptop boots normal but it always shuts down before finishing the installation. Its never the same time it is shutting down, totally random. Sometimes right away a few seconds after booting sometimes 60% in the install.

I dissasambled the laptop and tried it with no peripherals. Same thing still shutting down.

PCB looks very clean und no signs of liquid damage.

I cleaned of the old thermal paste and put new paste on the CPU. Nothing changed.

I am not sure what i am looking for. Is it some kind of power problem that the pmc has a fault or mire likely to be a sensor issue?

Hopefuly some on can help me. I can provid pictures if needed.

Anyone with a similar problem? And probably a Fix?

Thanks a lot peace üt


I found one component missing!

Block Image

Block Image

first question what is it, looks weird and not really part of the schematic.

Is that importent and tthe problem?

Looks a little bit like I ripped it of when i took the motherboard out

Update (09/07/2018)

Sierra is working on the Macbook now . It is booting fine and most of the time its all good. but still sometimes it rondomly crashes.

I run the apple service diagnostics tests and it seems to be a Memory Ram issue. Does anyone of you know about Ram issues on the Macbook air 2012? What can i do about it?

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What OS X are you trying to install and how are you trying to do it?


I am trying to install High Sierra


@niklasjakob - Can you take a second picture showing a bit more of the logic board so I can try to identify the area.


@Dan i posted another picture





OK, I’ve ID’d the part you damaged it’s the Hall lid sensor (Green).

Block Image

The Sensor is a black box in the schematics so I can’t tell you the discreet component (Purple)


You’ll need to find a junker to steal the part or just replace the logic board.


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Does anyone know where i can get this part other than a junker?


Do you think this could be responseble for the random shut downs?


The Hall sensor is what puts your system into sleep mode when you close the lid. So when your system is in sleep mode the front White LED will be lit, throbbing on and off. So when your system cuts out is this what you see? If you do then that explains things.


Do you know where i can find the Partnumber of the hallsensor?


Sorry guy it's a custom part. You'll need to find a junker logic board to get one or just replace the logic board.




Use an external drive and reformat the blade GUID and try installing just Sierra. Apple has gone to a new format on SSD drives and I have found that it works very poorly on Legacy Machines, which your’s is now.

In case you are not aware, Apple won’t work on any machines (with a couple of excepts) over six years old. They expect you to trash it and go buy a new machine.

Apple to Add 2012 MacBook Air to Vintage List with a New Twist


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i will answer later




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