Vertical lines on screen samsung uhdtv

Only tested the TV for a day after buying to be able to return it to the store. It worked perfectly. Then i stored it in its box.

Just installed it last weekend mounting it on the wall without problems.

After 4 days it started to show some vertical lines over the left side, they disappeared after some time. Next day the colored lines didn't disappear, i looked for common problems and tried hitting the TV in the bottom left side and power cycling the tv and most of the lines disappeared.

Only a 1/4" thick black line remained almost in the center of the screen. As if there were no signal. The pixels are turned off from top to bottom.

Then i checked the ribbon cables as suggested in other threads, everything looks fine.

What else can i check?


[Edit] Added some photos

I took this photo when i finished mounting the tv.

Block Image

There is a phooto showing the black line

Block Image

A close up to the top and bottom of the black line. The pixels are turned off, you can notice the line since the tv is turned on, they look kinda gray when all the pixels are black.

Block Image

Block Image

I tried exchanging the ribbon cables, and the line was still there. I removed the front bezel, but wasn't able to test applying pressure over the T connections while turned on because i had to remove the PCBs to be able to flip the panel.

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Your list of systems point to the controller board or connection to the LED screen element itself.

I noticed in the pictures that there are subtle variations in the lighted portion that look about as wide as the blank spot.


If you mean the one in the right side, i think it's a reflection of the window in front of the tv. When it started to show symptoms with the colored lines, i kept using spotify after the lines disappeared, after some time i noted those lines were kinda blurred or flickering, so i turned the tv off, waited some time and turned it on without the vertical lines nor the flickering.