A single-serve blender made by Hamilton Beach in 2011. Similar to the Hamilton Beach 55103, 51126, 51131, 51132, and 51133.

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I brought this blender and it will NOT START!

I plugged it up to every kitchen circuit in the house, but it will not turn on. I'm not sure what is the problem or how to fix it, Please help! (yes i push the power button when it is plugged in, but it will not start!)

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You say every kitchen circuit...have you tried it in an outlet that you know is live, that is all that really matters. Like, do you have a toaster or something that is working? Then use that same outlet. Kitchen outlets are required to be GFCI protected and so if one outlet gets tripped, either by a quirky appliance or a power surge or storm, ALL the outlets that are wired along with that GFCI device will be affected...even if that particular outlet is just a normal looking outlet. If it does not work even with a known good outlet, then you can move on to possible physical problems with the blender. Could be a bad power switch: Hamilton Beach 51101BA Power Button Replacement


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Some blenders will not start without liquid in them, to prevent burning out the motor.


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