Model A1225 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2.4, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Wi-Fi Card Upgrade Help

Currently have the entire machine gutted and plan to max out everything in hopes of running Sierra as stable as possible.

I have yet to find a definitive answer on the web: What is the best Wi-Fi Bluetooth card that I can install to replace the AirPort Extreme (802.11a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR card from 2006?


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Sorry to say your system can only support up to El Capitan OS-X 10.11.x. It technically is unable to support Sierra or anything newer.

As far as AirPort WiFi card the logic boards connector limits you to what the system came with.

iMac 24" 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo (Early 2008)

Update (05/10/2018)

The best you can do for the Airport & Bluetooth is this: Apple WiFi Bluetooth 4.0 card to mini PCIe adapter for iMac 2009, iMac 2010 and iMac 2011 & Broadcom BCM94360CD adapter.

That will allow you to use the better Bluetooth services. As you only have two WiFi antennas you won't get the highest throughput possible. But, that is not really the issue here as the rest of the system will be holding you back.

The reason I didn't give you this info before is your desire to install Sierra which is just too heavy for this system and many of the features you are likely looking for won't work with its CPU. If you stick with El Capitan with 6 GB of RAM then you have the best you'll get here.

Think of it this way... Having racing tires on your street ready Jeep won't win the Indy500. Even souping it up with every thing you imagine pushing it to the limits still will only get you so far, it still won't win the Indy500.

Sadly, this system is the same boat. In its time it was a great system! And for many pushing it with more RAM & storage gave it a bit more life.

Between the big jump performance with the newer i5/i7 Sandy Bridge CPU's (and newer), and the deeper memory needed for most things now the Core2Duo CPU's have seen their heydays.

I think you can do better with a newer system (new or used) I would strongly recommend investing in a 2011 model or newer before spending anything more on this system.


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This is the absolute WORST answer I have ever received. Please educate yourself on what is possible with this model first.


OK, so you know better, enlighten me!

What WiFi adapter will work in your system and what OS version do you think Apple supports?

Don't forget your systems RAM is limited to 6 GB so while you might get a newer OS to run by forcing things their won't be much head room to run much of anything without using virtual RAM off of the HD which is slow.

Sometimes its hard to hear the bad news I know! It's the best I can offer you here.


It is not bad news, its an oblivious answer. The entire point of my question is finding out which WiFi card will work, because I don’t know. I have seen numerous different answers, and want a specific one. I am thinking of a 2012 iMac card that supports handoff and such, but I do not know.

I have disassembled the entire machine. The airport slot is common among Apple machines and is not limited to the card I currently have.

The Mac currently is unofficially able to run up to Sierra. I have 4GB RAM and an SSD, and am working on the last 2GB. May even install a blu-ray drive, but the connection for the optical drive is mini-IDE, and I would still need to find an adapter to mini SATA.

I know what is possible, I just need help with a part name.


Jacob, I tried forcing Sierra onto my Core2Duo system. Sure it boots up but It’s almost useless in doing anything heavy. Save your money and get a newer I series system.


Sorry to hear. I figured that may be the case, I forced Yosemite onto an older MacBook once and the experience was less than great. The plan is still to Max out this iMac, and install the newest stable OS. Thanks though.




Sierra is possible on this machine if you upgrade the CPU:

That leaves then the question of the most adequate replacement for the WIFI card, which is a required update for the whole upgrade to work


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Pierre - This systems resources are just too limited to be very useful running Sierra or anything newer using a patcher.

I love old Ford Model-A's I think they are the slickest looking car. The problem is you really can't drive them very fast or very far!

Even replacing the engine with something better still would not make it safe trying to drive with the others on the open road.

You just don't see them on the roads, they are in museums or on flat beds going between events so people can see them.

These older iMac's are just not practical any more, some day they too will find a pedestal in a museum somewhere. What! They are already!




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