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Unable to install Mac Os (High Sierra) on my new Samsung SSD?


I just bought a new Samsung 250gb evo ssd and a hdd drive caddy for my macbook pro mid 2012, it needed an upgrade really bad.

I did all the installation and everything but now im unable to install Mac os high sierra from my bootable usb to my SSD, whenever i try to install it starts installation takes 5minutes then gives me an error saying "unable to install os" i tried again and again but unable to install the os on my ssd. I tried it on my normal hdd that works fine, dont know what is wrong with installing it on my new ssd. Please help?

I went into drive utility and erased it into mac os journaled but still im getting the error. When i try reinstalling my ssd becomes AFSD instead of Mac Os (journaled) and drive utility doesnt let me erase it into mac os journaled, the options i get are afsd, afsd encrypted.

What should i do?

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Which bay is the HD located in?


HDD is in the Caddy in optical drive bay





You may have an issue with your system using a dual drive config. The issue is the optical drive SATA port has a timing issue which forces you to use a fixed SATA II drive within it. This is a MacBook issue not the carrier or the drives. Review this: OWC Data Doubler locate your exact model and if it has a red note you'll need a different drive in the bay.

As SW pointed out a common issue with the 13" models is the HD SATA cable breaks down so it interferes with the movement of the data, you'll need to replace it.

Here's the IFIXIT guide: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012 Hard Drive Cable Replacement and here's the part you'll need: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Mid 2012) Hard Drive Cable. I strongly recommend you place some electricians tape when the cable rests in the uppercase to help prevent the rubbing on the rough aluminum case. Also don't over do the bends as the fold wires inside are fragile.

I would redo your SSD's drives format and re-install the OS again, then restore your files from your backup. As you're installing High Sierra you only have one choice GUID/APFS. If you want to compatibility with older systems you'll need to install Sierra instead then you'll have the older GUID/Journaled File System (HPFS)

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MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Mid 2012) Hard Drive Cable



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I put my old HDD in the hdd drive caddy and the new SSD in the designated hard disk space.

Owc data doubler, its same as a hard disk caddy right? I replaced the dvd drive with a caddy.


My old hdd is able to instal the os on it but not my ssd, so is it still the hard disk sata cable's problem???


The problem is the amount of data flow the SSD is able to transfer Vs the HDD.

The flow rate is much higher with the SSD so a worn cable can't handle the flow unlike when you use the HDD.

I've seen this quite often! When I replace a drive I always replace the SATA cable as its such a common an issue. Trust me its the cable!

But that may not be your only issue here! I suspect you've also moved the HDD over to the optical drive bay. You'll need to put the SSD into the optical carrier as you really need to put the HDD back into the the HD bay and put the SSD into the carrier in the optical bay. This is needed as the HD bay had special circuitry to protect your HDD the optical bay does not! Did you review OWC Data Doubler link? If your system is one of the ones with a red note you'll need to get a different SSD as the auto sense logic has issues with this SATA port.


Well today i finally got my os high sierra on the ssd after many faile attempts, it worked fine for like 5 mins but now it starts hanging, system lags. The whole point of me getting the ssd was to make it fast but now it freezes at times. Playing a youtube video makes it hang in between.

Ur sayint that i should move my ssd into the caddy and the hdd back into its old place right?


Did you replace the HD SATA cable?

Let stay focused on the SSD in the HD bay for now.




First, EVO what? 850, 850 pro, 950 or other?

Second, make sure to update the firmware to the latest on the EVO before doing anything.

3rd, you likely need to replace the hard drive cable.


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Agreed! The HD cable is a common failure


Samsung 860 evo


No update available iv tried. Cable is working fine with my normal hdd as i can install the os on my normal hdd but with my ssd i dont know what the problem is, can it still be the hdd cable???


Yes, it still can be the hard drive cable. The older cables had performance issues with new, faster drives.


I did get the OS installed on my SSD but now it works perfect for some time but then freezes and i see the rolling rainbow sign.




Curious why the hard drive cable on this site (Item code: IF163-041-1 ) is so expensive? abou$45 here - I am seeing for 10-19 on Amazon.

Also concerned with seeing multiple part numbers and codes - How do I know I am getting the right cable?

Any thoughts on this?


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Well, I can start off I can save you a few bucks by getting this version of the cable IF163-041-2 as you don't need to get the one with the bracket, saving you 5 bucks!

As to why you are paying more here, IFIXIT is also a movement as such you've also helping push efforts to support repair & reuse globally! Here's more on that: IFIXIT.ORG

In its self, they also offer a better warranty on the part than the fly by night posts you see on Amazon & eBay.

As to part numbers, Apple constantly improves their parts. So you really want the newest rev. Now the bad news! Many storefronts re-mark their old parts to unload them! So you do need to be careful where you buy your parts.

Here's another storefront that supports this BeetsTech - Your Hard Drive Cable Is A Ticking Time Bomb. In fact, I know they read our Answers section here. As many years ago we recommended applying electricians tape on the uppercase to help protect the cable from abrasion. You should still replace the cable with the current version of the cable and apply the tape.




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