Released in early 2015, the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS is a Wi-Fi enabled, super zoom camera. This camera weighs just under one pound. Identified by model number pc2200.

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Why does my camera shut off seconds after starting to record a video?

With a fresh battery and fresh SD card the camera will shut off moments after starting to record a video and say "charge the battery" I turn it back on and the battery is full.

This is such a frustrating issue and I dont want to spend hundreds to send it to cannon when the fix might be simple.

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When you say fresh battery, do you mean you just charged it or did you just buy a new battery? Do you have a 2nd battery to work with?


All the batteries I have do photos fine, just not videos


Hi Rich,

SW asked if you were using a new battery. The batts you have may have internal resistance. They can give you enough current flow for a split second for a still pic but not enough continuous flow for a video. Try a new battery. If no success, it means there is a resistance inside the camera. I can't help you there.


Before taking any drastic or expensive action, check out all the connections and wiring from the battery to the PCB including battery contacts. A small amount of corrosion can cause a big resistance in very small components. Corrosion on the PCB can short between 2 components. You may need a magnifying glass to see it. Good luck.


Connection is fine, seems to be a common hardware error that happens to pop up right outside warranty range UGH




Mine was a 2013 model which would run the batteries dead when not in use.

This well-known problem 'developed' over time,,, of course, just as the warranty expired.

It is a nice camera for still pictures. Period. Remove battery after use.


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Mine does not do that, and same here, get the issue right after warranty , WHAT DO YA KNOW




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