Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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New Trackpad does not click correctly; immovable set screw set in deep

Hello again!

I installed a new iFixit trackpad today. The good news is that it functions. Nevertheless, I use trackpads by clicking versus using gestures. The trackpad barely clicks (Just replaced the battery). Further, it is overly sensitive to touch. For example, if I move my finger near several apps on my way to clicking and opening a specific app, all those nearby apps open, and I have to quickly Option/click to close them. Further, apps, browser bookmarks, and system preferences seem to open on their own. Moreover, tapping (versus clicking), produces similar results. So the trackpad that won't click anywhere (except on the furthest southwestern corner - sometimes), is too "touchy."

Although I dismissed my set screw concerns yesterday, I am back to believing it has to be contributing to the trackpad's failure to click anywhere it is pressed upon, much less click correctly at all. It barely clicks!

The set screw has been set tightly (like it is in cement), all the way into its position so it sits securely almost an eighth of an inch below the horizontal plane of the bottom cover. So what I have been wondering since the outset of this repair is, "What is the trackpad sensor clicking against?" And my second and third questions are:

1. "Can the set screw be removed so another can function in its place," or

2. "Do I need to replace the entire metal "cover" in which the set screw is immovably positioned?"

Once the new Trackpad was installed, I did reset the SMC and the PRAM. The computer does need a RAM upgrade, but before I do that, I want to get this sorted out. Any ideas, opinions?

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Did someone put some glue on the adjustment screw?


Thanks for the idea Dan, - I do not know. However, I am signing in to report that the track pad began to work after I left my computer alone for awhile (about a month - LOL!). I have no idea why... I never was able to adjust the screw. I am not writing to say this was the fix. I am at a loss, but a very happy loss. Thanks iFixit!





It's the large middle screw at the bottom that you need to adjust, experiment with loosening it or tightening it a bit, loosening it is probably what you need to get it to click properly.

Block Image

When you want to click on the trackpad it uses that to click the button.


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