Is it safe for a beginner to upgrade from a harddrive to an SSD?

I'd like to do this on my own, but the most I've done in terms of tinkering with computers is upgrading my old battery on my MacBook Pro (the computer I used to own before this one). I've noticed on ifixit, upgrading a harddrive is considered intermediate.

I really want to do it myself and I want to learn, but I also don't want to ruin my computer by accidentally doing it wrong.

My main issue is this harddrive only has 60 gb of storage and many of the programs I run tend to run slow and crash a lot. Specifically I use photoshop and iMovie and they are incredibly buggy and regularly freeze or crash.

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looking at your laptop i believe it already has a ssd inside but unfortunately it is proprietary but i've found some here:

i have looked at the ssd replacement guide and you should be fine as long as you have the required p5 pentalobe screwdriver to start getting in, and the t5 torx driver to remove the ssd screw, and preferably a spudger you should be fine as long as you follow the guide, you can also get an antistatic wrist band if you want to be extra careful though, also don't do it on carpet as that can cause static


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What are you indicating by saying it's proprietary? There are SSD's available for late 2010 that can be purchased here on ifixit which are much cheaper than the ones you linked

That's good to know it's fairly doable! Thanks!


it's proprietary judging from the contact placement and the curve at the end, and yeah i didn't notice the ones that ifixit are selling


Apple did their own thing with the connection and the interface I/O in this series. You're limited to the Apple SSD's or 3rd party SSD's designed to work in this system.

Here are two other sources:

- OWC MacBook Air 11" & 13" 2010 — 2011

- Transcend JteDrive 500

Here's the IFIXIT guide to help you: [MacBook Air 11" Late 2010 Solid-State Drive Replacement]




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