The NutriBullet by the makers of Magic Bullet is a personal blender that is self-contained and simple to use. It includes an electric blender base with a number of attachments for the user and offers a healthy alternative to blending food by breaking down ingredients in their most nutritious states.

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120v Nutribullet not working, ran on 220v

Bought a Nutribullet from US and accidentally ran it with 220v supply. Later bought a step down transformer and tried, it's not powering on, what could have gone wrong? Disassembled the unit and the motor windings etc look fine, is there a fuse or a reset?

Update (07/02/2017)

Is there a wiring circuit diagram for Nutribullet? The motor windings are rated 120v, so it would not run on 230v, this would require re-winding of the motor to match the voltage.

Are the power boards sold separately?

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If afraid it might not be easy, it could be embedded inside the motor winding.


Please refine your answer. What could be in the motor winding? What's not easy about doing what? Is there a guide to do this?


I was able to disassemble the unit, the thermal fuse is fine, the copper windings look ok, it's not burnt, melted or fused. There is some circuit with couple of transistors, capacitors, resistors and diodes, could something have gone wrong there?


Hi Chetahan ananad,

please share that circuit pictures. most probably some components were blown to protect the device.


Hi @salmonjapan ,

As this was an older question I moved the latest "comment" to a new question so perhaps you'd would care to comment on it there and delete your comment here.

Used without the converter. Now I see or smell some burnt..

Sorry if it caused any confusion ;-)







Use a multimeter and test for continuity on the motor and other wiring. See if you can locate a possible fuse (that should have blown first).


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Chethan Anand, it is very likely the power board has been damaged. Replace it. You can likely use a 220V supply with it. I believe that's what the board is with "some circuit with couple of transistors, capacitors, resistors and diodes."

Hope this helps!


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