The NutriBullet by the makers of Magic Bullet is a personal blender that is self-contained and simple to use. It includes an electric blender base with a number of attachments for the user and offers a healthy alternative to blending food by breaking down ingredients in their most nutritious states.

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Used without the converter. Now I see or smell some burnt.

I just brought it from US, two days back, my kid used without the converter. Now I see or smell some burnt.

I am facing the same issue, in Bangalore, I planned to visit a electrical repair shop to open up and check the inside parts,

Where to get the board or fix it; is it covered in warranty?

Please suggest?

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Hi @sudhirrg ,

Most likely it will not be covered by the warranty anyway as the manufacturer will claim that the product failed due to misuse by the customer.

But check the warranty statement in the user guide that came with the product and see if it mentions an International warranty at all.

If not then it most definitely will not be covered under warranty.

Open up the blender and inspect for any obvious damage such as burnt out components on the control board etc. Hopefully that’s all that it will be.

Here’s a link to the ifixit NutriBullet rx Repair guide(s) which may be of some help.

If you think that you may have found something (or even if you’re not sure) take some close up pictures of the control board and post them back here.

Here’s how to do this.

Adding images to an existing question


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