Display backlight capacitor intermittent

I'm Trying to fix a Unibody MacBook, late 2008 ,13 inch , 2ghz. The backlight goes out on the display when it warms up. Backlight will come on briefly after power switch is pressed for a short bit. Works great on external monitor. Have replaced heat sync temp sensor, replaced entire screen with known good one. It acts like a capacitor issue. Do any of you know the location of the capacitor that triggers the backlight on this motherboard? And if so would you kindly share the info? Thank you for your help


@Stefano Gigante



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I think you would need the full schematics and a multimeter to test everything. What happened before? Any damage?


@mactechplus is yours a 820-2327 logicboard?


What makes you think is a capacitor issue from all of the backlight circuit components? When all of this started? Did you dropped the device? Liquid spill or out of nowhere? @mactechplus


@oldturkey03 Macbook NON-Pro 13" A1278 Late-2008 Logic Board C2D-2.0GHz 820-2327-A


@mactechplus contact me by email for the schematic and BV.