Guides for the LTE version of the iPad Mini 2. Announced October 22nd and released November 12th, 2013. The iPad mini 2, originally known as the iPad mini with Retina Display, has all the pixels of the iPad Air in a smaller 7.9" form factor.

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How do I replace the home button on iPad Mini 2?

Hello, I've looked at the guides for the logic board and others hoping that it would get to the point where the Home button is removed, but I cannot see or tell if any of them do, or if the Home button is a separate part or not? Is it part of the Logic Board or is it separate and replaceable?

Mine doesn't click anymore and I have to use the Virtual Home Button, which is useful, but annoying too.

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The home button is part of the front panel, replace that. It is very hard to get the home button out without damaging it or the front panel.

iPad Mini 2 LTE Front Panel Replacement


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