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How to recover missing files on desktop?

I copied so many files on my macbook air desktop, after i ended my company work. I clean the desktop and delete the files to the trash bin and empty it. The useful files including in some folders. So they are lost too. Please help me to get them back.

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If you have emptied the Trash folder of Mac, then there is very less probability of data recovery using the OS X itself. Terminal will be of no help to recover deleted files using command lines. However, still you can recover your deleted files.

First Method: Restore data from Time Machine Backup

If you have previously setup Time Machine backup, then all your files and folder are stored on the Time Machine. In addition, data restoration from Time Machine is quite and you can take the help from this article to restore your deleted data back.

Second Method: Use a Mac data recovery program:

Data recovery software can help you to recover deleted Trash data back within minutes. They uses advanced file recovery algorithms and provide immediate recovery to data-loss. I personally recommend you to download and install Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery utility for deleted file recovery. The software is also capable of recovering deleted files from Time Machine, BootCamp and Password Protected Hard Drives.

Future Tip

Always keep an external hard drive reserved for serving you for Time Machine backups. Other backup options for your Mac files are BlackBaze software to do full backup of Mac disk. Always rely on two-backup strategy.


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Indeed the desktop is a folder on mac system volume, you can visit it in your finder. So if you want to recover the missing files on desktop, it means to scan the system volume and find the desktop folder. And there is one mac file recovery software to scan and recovery the desktop directly. Do Your Data recovery for mac professional give you a list to choose desktop. It is convenient to solve the problems like yours.


Here's one option for the job: DataRescue-4


Hello, if you emptied your Recycle Bin, it means that your files are permanently deleted. In this situation, you should use a third-party tool to recover them. There are so many choices, just as the Stellar that Vishal Chaudhary referred to, but it should note that this tool is not free to use. So you can try a free Mac data recovery software, hope it still helps.




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