Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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Ive tried to solder this battery connector

Ive tried to solder this battery connector on aN IPhone 4 and everything went pretty easy.

-I just cleaned al the solder with a solder wick.

-Put some flux and solder on the two anchor pads(the two located outside)

-Took a piece of Kaptons tape and cover the connector except the two anchor pins. Don't cut the tape too short so that yoy can use it to help you align it on place

-Applied some heat at about 1 inch away from it. ( around 300 degrees and medium speed)with rework stations heat gun.

-Tapped down the connector down.

****Adjust the temperature if connector melts a little. It should not affect it as long as its still flat.

-Let it cool

Remove the Kaptons tape caregully.

-Get the iron and apply flux on the back connector pins and solder it in place

Here is the thing:

The inner two melt pretty easy but Im having trouble with the ones on the corners.

The new solder wont attach correctly and the iron tip sometimes get sticked on it.

Am Im missing something? Any advice? Help

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Whenever I encounter such an issue where the pads I am trying to solder to have a high mass and absorb all the heat, I usually apply more heat through one of the following methods, whichever practically applies to my situation:

- Add flux;

- Crank up heat on the iron;

- Use a larger tip;

- Solder over a pre-heater that keeps the board mass warm/hot;

- Apply heat from my hot air station at 120-200 degrees Celsius until the area has pre-heated then while keepin hot air nozzle directed at that area, simultaneously start soldering or desoldering.


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Saturate that beast in flux till it takes the solder. Be quick with it solder in and back out quick so you get a bunch of tries to not melt the plastic. I always tin the pads nice so first shot gets the solder of each pin I hit when your soldering, flux is your best friend.


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