First generation Apple iPad with Wi-Fi, available with 16, 32, or 64 GB. Model Number A1219. Repairs are straightforward and do not require heat.

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Blue lines on ipad 2 screen around pictures and other things

I tapped the right corner on the wall near the power button temporarily fixed it

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You can repair this iPad. It will take time, and some money for parts and tools. Then you risk breaking the touch-screen, severing the Wi-Fi antenna, and the Power-Mute-Volum flat cable.

That said, if you carefully read this guide, and the relevant notes, and apply heat generously to the touch-screen during the removal (I pre-heat all 4 edges of the glass using a heat gun for 7~10 minutes at 185 degrees Celsius, then every edge in turn for 1 minute before trying the separation - see the guide and you'll understand what I mean), it can be done:

A/ First thing to try is disconnect then re-seat the Display Cable on both ends (using the guide): on the logic board and on the LCD. Then secure the connectors with Kapton/Polyamide tape.

B/ Test the contraption by:

1/ Gently re-seating the LCD back in place then flipping it again out of the back-case. In other words, you are causing the display cable to twist slightly and gently, and putting light stress on both connectors, to see if the change in hue occurs again. Please be gentle ;)

2/ Tapping slightly on the back of the iPad, especially around where the display connectors are located.

C/ If steps 1 AND 2 cause absolutely no change or flickering, I re-seal the iPad.

D/ If steps 1 OR 2 cause any kind of change in hue (ever so light) after or any kind of flickering, I'd change the display cable.

E/ Test again (repeat B-1 and B-2)

F/ If steps 1 AND 2 cause absolutely no change or flickering, re-seal the iPad.

G/ If steps 1 OR 2 cause any kind of change in hue (ever so light) after or any kind of flickering, I'd change the LCD.

From experience, 95% of cases are resolved without having to change the LCD.


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THin blue line flashing to outline text etc..?

Goto the SETTINGS, then GENERAL, then ACCESSIBILITY, then SWITCH CONTROL. Reset the switch to OFF .

THis has solved the problem for me twice. For no reason, my iPad has twice flipped this switch ON, with the sudden appearance of flashing blue outlines. As this seems to happen after 12 months, it's no big deal to live with, as the solution is painless and free!


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