How to insert cable into the logic board zif connector?

When removing the DC-In Board I had to disconnect the keyboard cable. While putting everything back together, I cannot get these flex cable into the zif connector. I have now accidentally removed the metal on the zif connector end that fits into the zif connector.

Is there a trick to this? I have tried to fix another MacBook Air and had a real difficult time inserting the flex cable into the zif connectors Any advice, tips or tricks would be great!

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I made headway, but managed to break the clip one one side. Any suggestions on how to repair these connectors?


Sorry, I have a few junkers which I seal parts from. You'll need to find the manufacture of the connector (I think its Molex). Then carefully swap out the clip. Hopefully you don't damage the base in the process.





First make sure you open them when you take the ribbons out to start with! If you don't you can damage things. When I am inserting it back I make sure the connector is still open.

I use some electricians tape which I place onto the ribbon cable to help in both pulling it out as well as pushing it back in.

I like electricians tape as its adhesive is weak enough to peel the tape off without damaging things. To help, I fold over the end to create a tab.

When inserting make sure you are square to the connector and make sure you have inserted the ribbon fully before latching the connector closed


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Thanks Dan. I was thinking that too. Great suggestion folding the tape over to make a tab. I have a set of tiny suction cup device I use to pull out IC's.

If that works I will let you know. Thanks so very much.


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Yes!!! The black tape did it. I cut a strip of it about a 1/4" narrower than the ribbon, bent one end of it over to make a pull tab, and attached it to the ribbon as centered as my fat fingers could get it. Then I used two spudgers to get it initially inserted and gently pulled on the tape tab while rocking back and forthe the the slightest amount and it popped right in. Thanks Dan!!!


If anyone could make a video or point me to one that would show this it would be very appreciated! I couldn't find one on Youtube and I find it hard to understand just by reading...


Hi guys,

I'm new here and I need advice to connect my flex cable to my ZIF jack. I have try the above with no luck. The cable is not going deep enough to make contact with the ZIF jack. I have damaged one already and I had to purchased a new LCD with the flex cable. This time, I cannot afford to break the flex cable again. How does the pros do this, there must be a trick, a safe way to insert the cable safely.





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