1.7 GHz dual-core Intel Processor (Turbo Boost up to 2.6 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache

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loud fan, screen blinking, not waking up

Just looking for some general maintenance tips, my air is about 2 years old and having some minor problems- the fan sometimes gets really loud and the computer gets very hot (almost burning), sometimes the screen flashes off for half a second and then turns back on again. Recently, if I close it while it's on, it will not wake up again and I have to force restart. Any tips on cleaning up hardware and drives to get it running like new again?

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First thing I would do is download a good fan & temperature monitoring app to see what is happening. I like this one Temperature Gauge Pro, others will work as well. It should help isolating out what is getting hot here.

I would also monitor was processes are running and what load they are putting on your system Check out Activity Monitor in your Applications Utilities folder. Its' possible you have a stuck process or infection running on your system.

While your system is on the newer side its possible the thermal paste on the CPU chip is not doing what it needs to do. Follow this IFIXIT guide to get to the heat sink MacBook Air 11" Mid 2012 Logic Board Replacement. Make sure to use a good quality paste. Here's a guide on how to clean the parts and apply the new paste Technique: Applying Thermal Paste.

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How to Apply Thermal Paste



5 - 20 minutes

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MacBook Air 11" Mid 2012 Logic Board Replacement



20 minutes - 2 hours


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Thanks for the suggestions, I should note that I usually have a look at CPULed when the fan comes on, and the application taking up the most power is just listed as "kernel". Goes away when I restart but still a pain in the rear. I'll try your suggestions and see if they help.




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