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Wi-fi: No hardware installed - Is it possibly an SSD issue?

I have a 2012 11" Macbook Air and the airport icon on the menubar is greyed out with an X and says Wi-Fi: No hardware installed. I have tried a lot of fixes. SMC reset, PRAM reset, booting from USB drive loaded with OS X, re-intalling OS, Deleting the network, and more.

This problem started with the most recent update of Mavericks. So it seems unlikely to be a hardware issue. However, I just remembered there is a SSD recall on the 2012 Macbook Airs and noticed that the Apple support page warns users not to upgrade the OS. Does this seem like a possible candidate for diagnosis?

If it was as easy a fix as walking into an Apple store to fulfill the recall it would have been done by now but there are none for thousands of miles.

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Your only option here is to ship it to them.

As its under a recall, the shipping should be covered by Apple both ways. Give them a call and tell them you need a shipping box to send it in. They will then ship you a box and cover the costs of the shipping.

Have all of your paperwork in order so you can FAX them proof of purchase and the S/N of the system.


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Thanks. The next step is certainly to get the computer to Apple somehow. I was posting as an effort to see if there was a consensus amongst repairers here that the SSD issue that prompted the recall could lead to this airport card malfunction. Because of the difficulty of getting Apple to fulfill the recall in Central America it would be great to have functional wi-fi in the meantime if it isn't actually an SSD issue.

I should mention for the sake of others reading this that based on a recent conversation with Apple they will only do repair shipping to a US address. Maybe that's not true for all countries but the country where I reside has no shipping options.


Apple doesn't have repair centers in all countries so that makes sense in your case (sorry). I suspect the two issues are related as the SSD issue is a risk of corruption. In this case the OS files have been corrupted.


Thanks. That's the kind of answer I was looking for.




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