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Spilt drink, battery problem

I spilt a drink of iced tea and whiskey over my macbook air keyboard, gutted i know the problem with drinking!

Anyway it turned off instantly and would not turn back on for around 3 days, i left it to dry for around a week, plugged it in and turned it on, it booted and got to the login screen but the keys being typed were not the correct ones so i turned it off and left it for two more days.

Turned it on now plugged in and now it seems to be working fine keys are fine, everything running smooth, except it will only work on the charger which at first had the green light and now has changed to the orange light.

Im planning to open it up on tuesday and clean out the inside with QD cleaner, but my problem is do i buy a replacement battery, or is it another problem maybe the connector?

Here is the info from cococnut battery

Current Charge 0mAH

Max Charge 0mAh


Current Capacity 0 mAh

Design Capacity 4680 mAh


Mac model Macbook Air 5.1

Age 12 Months

Battery load cycles 96

Battery Temp 30.8 c

Battery power usage 0.0 watt

Any help would be appreciated.

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Well for starters leaving it sit and stew was not the best thing here. When you get your system wet with anything you need to act quickly. In this case the tea and the sugar most likely did a number on your logic board and keyboard. Sure it may appear to be OK now but over time it will be a more costly repair (if you haven't yet).

OK, Yes! you need to open up the system and fully clean it of any drink residue on the logic board and the keyboard assembly where the drink entered into the system (some versions of keyboards are riveted so you may not if you can take it off. The correct cleaner is distilled water to cut through the sugar and tea, then you need to clean the water out by using Isopropyl alcohol 85% or better. Then you need to let the alcohol dry out before you but things back together.

As to the Battery if it got wet it maybe damaged to a point you can't save it. Try clean it up if you can.

Don't forget to apply new thermo paste on the CPU & GPU chips as well.


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