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According to Apple, this MacBook Pro's dimensions match exactly with those of the "Escape Edition" machine we tore down a couple weeks ago. Do we believe it even for a second? Yes we do.

Do you miss your function keys? Hold down the Function key to see your missing function keys. Chameleon Mode, engage.

One thing that is noticeably different is, of course, the port situation on the starboard side. This Touch Bar-equipped machine packs two extra Thunderbolt ports, so you have twice as many places to plug in your dongles.

Throwing both machines onto the scale, we find the Touch Bar version weighs about 20 grams less than its counterpart. We're chalking the difference up to this laptop's smaller battery.

Finally, we note a pair of side vents on the underside of the Touch Bar version, similar to the ones we've spotted in previous Retina MacBook Pros—but absent from the Function Key model.