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We have reached the end of our journey. We are happy to announce that not a single trace of any Cyberdyne Systems components were seems for the time being our judgment day is not upon us.

iPhone 4S Repairability Score: 6 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair). Very little has changed from the iPhone 4 in terms of repairability.

The iPhone 4S is still held together primarily with screws and limited adhesive.

The rear panel and battery are both easy to remove and replace (provided you have the correct screwdriver).

Apple is again using Pentalobe screws to secure the rear panel and keep people out

The LCD and glass -- a carryover from the previous generation -- are fused together, making cracked glass repair more costly.

Lots of smaller components are soldered to one ribbon cable, increasing the cost of repairing just one component.