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When compared to the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4G, the Micro USB port has been relocated from the top to the bottom of the Epic 4G Touch. Sadly, they also removed the sliding door that keeps it free from lint and micro dust bunnies.

The Epic 4G Touch has slightly more girth than its overseas counterpart, the Galaxy S II. At 9.65 mm and 4.55 ounces, the Epic 4G Touch seems to have gained a millimeter and a half-ounce during its trip to the U.S.

The Galaxy S II that is available overseas features only three buttons on the front, including a physical home button. Our yankee version, however, has four capacitive touch function buttons, like many Android devices sold here.

If the yankee-added search button is the bane of your existence, you may always opt for an unlocked version of the original Galaxy S II.