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It's not exactly a greeting card, but the underside of the display is adorned with heartfelt-looking barcodes.

Maybe it's a congratulatory message! More likely, it's proof of some intense quality controls.

As a matter of curiosity, and bragging rights, we measure the display glass at a mere .4 mm. That's only four human hairs thick. And we didn't break it. *self high-five*

Time for our favorite silicon-based snack—chips! Among them, a number of N-trig IC's, likely control hardware for the Surface Pen.

N-trig DS-D5000 touchscreen row driver (likely)

N-trig DS-A5048 touchscreen line driver (likely)

Macronix MX25U1635F 1.8V 16 Mb MXSMIO serial flash memory