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The 6s Plus stops by for a closeup and gives us a better view of that custom 7000 series aluminum alloy and flaunts a new model number: A1687

Early analysis of this new alloy breaks it down to around 91.17% aluminum, 0.08% iron, 7.64% zinc, and 0.106% tungsten.

The higher zinc content should provide a significant increase in tensile strength (and manufacturing cost) from the 6063 aluminum alloy in the iPhone 6.

That little ''S'' looks out of place on the new iPhone's large outer casing—but how else will you show your friends that you buy a new phone every year?

Really though, Apple's new push to encourage early upgrades is a low blow to the environment. As recyclable as Apple claims their devices are, a shorter product lifetime means increased carbon dioxide emissions and more e-waste.