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We've been down this road before, and we're pretty confident in our technique for getting the battery out. Unless of course, something has changed...

And something has! Looks like the new Touch has peel-out adhesive tabs securing the battery, an update to battery-securing tech we saw in the iPhone 5s. (Although we're scratching our heads about how to peel out a tab that's under the logic board).

This Touch totes a 3.83 V, 3.99 Wh battery with a rating of 1043 mAh, as opposed to the 3.7 V, 3.8 Wh, 1030 mAh rated battery found in the 5th Generation Touch.

Even with the Touch's advertised performance increases over the previous generation, Apple claims that the battery in this new iPod should supply up to 40 hours of dubstep music, or up to 8 hours of video playback.