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Finally, the bottom of the interface board. Of interest, what appears to be a small DC-DC converter of unknown purpose. The iPad only supplies 3.3v. For the USB camera connection adapter, a DC-DC converter is required to provide the 5V to run USB devices. However, SD cards run natively on 3.3v, leaving the purpose of the DC-DC a mystery.

Tiny package marked only with patterned dots, likely for computer recognition.

Little tiny SMT inductor. Unmarked.

CEY and some dots. Location near inductor leads to it being likely it is the DC-DC converter IC. 6 Pin package.

94F5LF - Very small package, Likely BGA.

ET ZD - 4 Pin Package.

1200P E06AA - Almost certainly a canned clock oscillator. Probably some permutation of 12 MHz.

3 Small 6 pin packages. Pin arrangement leads me to believe they are ferrites or some sort of filter. Probably part of power supply