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With this first photo, we take a moment to compare the internals of the Apple Watch with that of a classic mechanical watch as old as time itself.

On the right, a pocket watch mechanism, circa 1890. (At 125 years old, it doesn't look a day over 39.) On the left, a smartwatch from 2015.

Which of these will outlast the other?

Although we're still dealing with a watch, this second photo makes it clear that the tools required for routine repairs have very much changed with the times.

You're already familiar with our friends on the left: opening pick, tweezer, driver, and tech knife.

On the right, the tool with the Mickey Mouse ears is none other than a pallet fork tool. To its immediate right, we've got a pin vise. Below that, a roller jewel shlacking tool...

...and to its right, tweezers! Some things really don't change. (Though our resident watchmaker informs us that it's perhaps more accurately called "the lazy man's screw holder.")