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Our testing shows that the Taptic Engine and main speaker are interchangeable between the 8 and SE!

That means fewer parts to hunt down and cheaper replacements, which is a win for everyone involved.

Turning to the battery, the capacity is the same as in the iPhone 8, ringing in at 6.96 Wh. That's up slightly from the original SE's 6.21 Wh, and much lower than the (much larger) iPhone 11's 11.91 Wh.

When Apple retired 3D Touch in the iPhone 11 Pro series, they made the displays a bit thinner and batteries a bit thicker. The new SE also lacks 3D Touch, but the batteries are the exact same size. What was the sacrifice for?

Answer: Probably to save money and hit that sweet $399 price point.

Alternative answer: Apple wants us to forget that 3D Touch ever happened. We remember.

Unfortunately, though the batteries match in size and capacity, the connector has changed—meaning that batteries cannot be swapped between models, unlike the other components seen here.