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With the rear case nearly hollowed out, we finish with an X-ray that leaves us with a few lingering questions. Despite the lack of a second battery connector, we can’t help but stare at this charging coil and wonder what might have been.

If bilateral charging were included in the final production design, we wouldn’t necessarily expect to see a radically altered coil—but a bigger battery and additional thermal management would almost certainly be required, as reverse wireless charging is thirsty and inefficient, throwing off a lot of heat.

In the case of this iPhone 11, we’re not really seeing either of those things.

Perhaps related to the missing second battery connector, we also see the omission of the new battery charging board we found in the Pro Max.

Finally, just like in the Pro and Pro Max, our handy X-ray reveals what we believe to be UWB-related antennas carefully embedded into the rear case.