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Wi-Fi card upgrade in old (2007) Mac PowerBook Pro

John Baglione -

MacBook Core 2 Duo

MacBook Core 2 Duo AirPort Card Replacement

MacBook Core 2 Duo AirPort Card Replacement

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Tried various external (USB) Wi-Fi upgrades dongles. All worked off and on with various degrees of success. My old PowerBook just wasn't really happy with any of them. So I decided to upgrade the internal Apple Wi-Fi micro card.


The repair went smoothly, referred to the online repair guide pictures a few times, but I have opened and replaced internal components before so nothing really new or difficult about swapping out the micro-card. Took about 15-20 minutes total. Just the time it takes to unscrew and screw the dozen or so tiny case screws.


Just what was recommended in the online repair. The keyboard ribbon is very small and fragile so care must be taken when disconnecting and re-connecting the plug.

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MacBook Core 2 Duo 802.11n Airport Extreme Card


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