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The screen may crack during removal, so be wary of broken glass. Apply heat as necessary around the edges of the screen to loosen the adhesive, but be careful not to melt the plastic frame of the tablet.

Starting on the side of the tablet near the bottom, heat the area and insert a metal jimmy or opening pick between the digitizer and the frame.

Separate the adhesive on the bottom of the tablet first, then work up the sides. The digitizer ribbon cable is located at the top and passes through a slot in the mid-frame. It is easily torn or damaged in the final stages of removing the glass.

If the glass is intact and you intent ro reuse it, take care not to insert the jimmy further than the width of the black screen border or you risk damaging the digitiser, which is a thin plastic film stuck to the bck of the glass.

The adhesive tends to stick to the plastic mid-frame rather than the glass but it will separate more easily and cleanly from the midframe if you can start it lifting at one point. This will also reduce the risk of damaging the digitiser film.