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Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two larger screws.

The two smaller screws (orange) were a little tricky. They are screwed down very tight. I started with a #0 phillips head and slightly stripped the screw head. Not enough to destroy it. I recommend using a #1 phillips head on these. I also used a small rubber grip in order to get a better grip on my screwdriver. Made it much easier.

Once screws are removed lift the plastic frame from the left side and remove it from the top of the power brick and flip it over.

Unlike the X360 power brick, the light diffuser does not need to be removed from the power supply. If you want to remove it anyway simply grab it with your fingers and lift it out.

When I used a can of air duster to clean the inside, the smaller metal sheet (left side) immediately blew out. If this happens don't panic. There's tape on the bottom side. Simply put it back in with a little pressure to hold it down and you're good to go.

These screws serve no purpose. There was nothing under there. Unless you have a different variation than mine there is no need to remove these screws.