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Make a backup of existing SSD so you can restore the chromeos image into the new SSD. The backup is done with the "Chromebook Recovery Utility" from chrome web store as shown in 1st image. You will need a empty 4gb thumb drive.

Write an empty partition table on your new drive before installing it. You will need a linux system with a usable SATA interface and the gparted software to perform this step.

The drive will not be recognized by the system without this empty table!!!! Second image is the "gparted" software screen shot.

You merely need to point the gparted software to the new raw device file and the partition table will be created if it does not exist (it should not if this is a new drive). If it DOES already exist you should clear it so that chrome can initialize it correctly for you later (hint: delete key press to remove a selected existing table row).

You can even perform this prep step for your new upgrade SSD with your chromebook. You would need two things: #1 a working crouton install either on your existing SSD or on a removable SD card (basic Crouton install tutorial). Please note that I am not sure that crouton will fit on the stock SSD drive as I've never tried it. And #2 a USB<=>SATA device like this: USB 3.0 + USB 2.0 to SATA Cable Adapter for 2.5" HDD/SSD Hard Drive

Perform the operations in this step BEFORE installing your upgrade parts into the chromebook!!!!!!