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At this point you can probably loosen the 6mm bolt at the end of the hinge and that's all there is to it. But if you can't reach it then continue to the following steps.

Remove the 6 screws to take out the hinge. There is also one screw below the screens cover securing the hinge but in my case it was broken. If its still in place then you need to take out the screen cover now. There are a few screws to remove but I'm not sure where, as I didn't need to take it out.

Once you have the hinge in your hand check if its broken. If not then use a strong pliers and loosen the 6mm bolt until it moves easily. Remember that it must resist a minimum to rotation so that the screen doesn't fall on its own, when you open the laptop to work.

I had to make mine pretty soft in order to prevent the already twisted plastic from breaking completely.

Now you just have to put it all together and you're finished.

And remember: if it starts cracking, fix it as soon as possible!