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Note the thin plastic encoding wheel which slots into an optical sensor on the logic board. Take great care not to damage this as you lift the print mechanism in the following steps.

Lift the left hand end of the print mechanism. This will provide sufficient room to slide out the main logic board towards the front of the printer.

Examine the main logic board for signs of overheating. Also look for any electrolytic capacitors with domed tops or signs of leakage, indicating that they are failing.

There have been reports that some of these printers use electrolytic capacitors of poor quality, bearing the name TEAPO and having a green and gold sleeve. Pay special attention to any of these.

Replacement capacitors should have the same or up to double the capacity (quoted in µF), and the same or preferably higher Voltage and Temperature ratings.

Care is required in removing and replacing any suspect or failed components as the tracks on the circuit board are very fine.