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Disengage two adjacent small connectors at the front right hand side of the motherboard. Do not pull by the wires, but rather ease the plugs out of their sockets.

Disengage two connectors towards the rear of the motherboard. The one with the blue tab is disengaged simply by pulling upwards on the tab. On reassembly, make sure it is properly aligned before pressing it back. It should engage with a positive snap.

Remove two screws at the rear right hand side of the motherboard.

On the underside of the motherboard between the two screws just removed, the motherboard plugs into a socket on the supplementary IO board to its right. List this section of the motherboard to disengage the connector, then lift it out of the laptop shell.

On reassembly and before replaong the screws, make sure that none of the 4 cables disconnected at the start of this step are trapped under the motherboard.