Power Mac G4 (MDD) (M8570) not turning on?

I brought a Power Mac G4 (MDD) (Model #: M8570) in 2002. It's a Dual Processor 867MHz. Around 2008 the mac just stopped working. Symptoms are when I press the power button, the button itself will glow for 2 seconds, as well as hearing the fan kick in for 2 seconds but then stops. I try to repeat again and nothing happens. If I unplug the computer and replug it again, it will do the same thing, fan kicks in and power button glows for two seconds, and nothing after that.

I'm going to college now and I'm planning on purchasing a MacBook Pro 15" (non-retina display) for school work (Graphic Dsign/Art Major).

So my question is:

A. Is there an easy and cheap way to transfter all my data from the broken computer's Hard Drive to my new MacBook? (I know, pretty stupid of me not backing up my data!)

B. Any ideas on what's wrong how to fix the broken computer? Is it the power supply? (If it is the power supply, what information do I look for to search for a working power supply?) I know it may not be worth fixing it, but if it's a cheap fix, I would like to keep it.

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This can also happen with a dead PRAM battery. Try replacing the 3.6 volt 1/2 AA lithium battery. Here's how to do it:

Next do a PMU reset, here's how:


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Apple Power Macintosh G4 867 DP (MDD) Specs

Identifiers: Mirrored Drive Doors - M8787LL/A - PowerMac3,6 - M8570 - 1914. Personally I do not like the Time Capsule as it's service life has been short. Compare to just an external hard drive, the external is cheaper and lasts longer. If you go with one that has afirewire connector, you will be able to boot from it and run Disk Utilities in case you have internal hard drive issues. Here's a good one, WD My Book Studio LX:



It is actually very easy to transfer your data. All you will need is a ATA to USB adapter which you can get from iFixit here:

Universal Drive Adapter

and the guide to remove your hard drive:

Power Mac G4 MDD Hard Drives Replacement

From my knowledge it is probably the power supply but I cannot be for sure. The symptoms you describe are like that of a friends PowerMac MDD and they were solved after replacing the power supply. What are the last 3 digits of your serial number. This will help me locate the right power supply for you mac.

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Universal Drive Adapter



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Serial number I assume from the power mac g4 is LKC. I did find a power supply in working condition at ebay for a cheap price. I'm gonna try that out to see if that will work. Otherwise I'll try the Universal Drive Adapter. What's your intake on Hard Drive Disk Enclosure? Thanks for taking the time to help me out, greatly appreciated!

BTW do you recommend the Time Capsule, I'm thinking of getting one so I'll never have to go through this situation again.



I'm having exact same problem.. I have tried the battery replacement, and am gonna do it one more time since its been soon long. ( I put this on the back burner for a few years) at it now and gonna replace battery, but I believe it is the power supply. If Anyone knows where I can get one at a reasonable price let me know please!! thanks, Jeff Mullen,


I put in the new 3.6 lithium batt. It stars with no chime and the fan starts to blast away. Also I hear clicks and believe the hard drive is spinning But no key board lights or monitor any advice ?




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