The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is part of Google's NEXUS lineup of flagship devices. It has an HD Super AMOLED display, curved display, and Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Are the board contacts finally broken?


is it possible to fix this:

Block Image

or are the board contacts finally broken?

greetings mike

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Yeah you can fix that, I made the same mistake, accidentally ripping the volume button flex cable from the board. If you know how to solder SMD you're set, but you wouldn't be asking that question.

It's not too difficult to learn, get yourself some very very fine solder, and search youtube for video tutorials this one is good. All you have to do is solder the connections back.


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thx for the advise. i guess i need a brand new volume flex cable, right?


sorry, for double post but i took a closer look and i think there are pads missing on the board. are you sure the board is fully functional? here's a image of the flex cable:


hey mike, did you fix it? i'm in the same situation :(


Same situation... going to try soldering.


same here volume down cant solder the golden point is missing



I had to clean it off with rosin, carefully solder the terminals using a thin wire and then use super glue to hold it. However, only the volume down key is working. Still better than nothing as at least I can lower the volume then drag the slider up as needed.


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