My microwave does not seem to be cooking foods?

Microwave specs: GE® 30" Built-In Double Microwave/Thermal Oven JTP90DPBB. This microwave is just 1.5 years old. The light in the microwave goes on and off as the door of the microwave opens and shuts. The light is also on when you put in cook time etc. The power shows 10. But the food inside does not seem to be getting cooked. The last time I used it for heating up a glass of water in a glass container-which worked. After which immediately I was heating up a glass of coffee again in a glass container-it did not work. I do not see how it could just stop working like that. Am I missing something here?

Is there any trouble shooting button?

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Most of the time we do not recommend DIY repairs on microwaves as they can really harm you. I understand that this one is really not a throw away at $2500.

Unfortunately the warranty is only 1 year. I would venture a gues and say that this unit uses two 120 volt circuits. Check your electrical breaker box (actually throw the switches to reset them), to see if you are getting power to just onje side.


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I'm still tracking this down and hope for more input. I have a much similar problem where I have fan, light, and panel power but NO heat.

From the YOUtube videos I have been gleaning it seems that either the capacitor, diode, or Magnetron.

What I NEED to see/read/know is how to dismantle the Mounted LG microwave properly.

Are there any repair manuals anyone has for this?


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Very informative! However not one of the videos or manuals I have come across details the dismantling of the microwave from under the cabinet, removing the cover/cowling, or handling such a large bulky item by someone working alone. These things are bulky, they may weigh less than 40 lbs but unless you are well prepared you usually MUST remove some kind of anchor bolts above or on the sides while holding the unit during the removal/installation process.

The author explains the facts that a "Service Call" from GE starts at $85/hr to diagnose, $240 for replacement magnetron and more for the diode and capacitor. Looking around prices for magnetron, diode, and capacitor total less than $90. Some I found in the U.S. while others are cheaper ordering overseas, but once again you must figure in Waiting On Parts time unless you want to have a dismantled microwave on your kitchen table.



It is absolutely possible to repair a microwave oven that is not heating, but you have to be careful and take precautions. Read the description of this video and watch the video in order to fix common problems.


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