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2 identical Semi-transparent horizontal lines on LED TV Stream BM50L81

I have 2 identical Semi-transparent horizontal lines on my led TV. The line starts from the right but fades away so it doesn't reach the left bezel of display. When i apply pressure to the right bezel (where the line stars) the line gets wider.

Note: sometimes the display goes black with speakers still running, when i use the flashlight on TV i can see the faint picture on it. Is this related to the lines or a separate issue ?

Update (09/28/2022)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Here are some pictures. The line is not much visible in colours but becomes visible once there isn't much contrast or in darker colour.

I noticed that the TV's back cover gets hot around the line.

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I've had similar issues with my LED too and I surmise it's LED issue if you've thermal gun or temperature gun and check the temperature difference among various points. If the temperature is more near the lines than you can confirm it as LED issue.




Hi Amine

I suspect it's something related to LED display issue but again it's too early to say without seeing the pics.

Try to view different color wallpapers and check does the same line appears or not.


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@ds17 i can confirm the TV gets noticeably hotter in back cover near the line. Is it repairable ? Should i bother taking it to a professional or leave it as it is ?


There are two solutions

1. It’s always recommended to get it replaced by a professional.

2. In my opinion I’d would suggest to use it for 1 to 3 months and then replace it .




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