The JBL Flip 5 is a small portable Bluetooth speaker, released in August 2019. It offers an IPX7 rating for water resistance and up to 12 hour battery life. Model: TT

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Speaker Starts smoking after one hour of playing.

So my JBL Flip 5 keeps smoking after one hour of music. I turn it off for at least 10 minutes, then when I try to turn it on, it doesn't work. I plug it in and then charge it for a few minutes, then it just turns on. It works just fine for an hour, then starts smoking again. I repeat the process and then it just works until it doesn't. I opened the little smoke machine and there is nothing that is wrong from my experience. Is this common or what??

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@xpro smoke is never a good thing. I would suggest that you start by replacing the battery. Not a whole lot of other things that would behave like this. After that you want to post some good pictures of your boards with your QUESTION. Something is going to get off in flames one of these days. Where there is smoke..... Adding images to an existing question


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