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Screws of home button

Hi, I have a problem with replacing the screen and home button on Iphone 7, the screws on the home button, actually just two of them (1,3mm) do not move, I tried every screw driver size but it does not move, they are Y. Anything that I can do?

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Thank you for the quick answer, I'm scared to buy a new screen with the whole lcd panel and it not working properly. It's my first time trying to repair an iphone on my own




Apart from drill the heads off (gently) and remove the shafts if possible. If not it’s new screen time.


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If I understand your question, you are having problem to remove the Y screws. I recommend you buy a precision tool kit, because the home button isn't replaceable and if you damage it, the problem will be more bigger. If you have the tool and you can't remove the screws, try to use a thin rubber to fit the gap between the tool and the screw and have a better grip.

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