Repair guides for the TI BA II Plus calculator, a popular financial calculator for business professionals and students by Texas Instruments.

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Why is my zero key not working?

Why is my zero key not working?

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There are a couple reasons for why your 0 key isn’t working ,here they are!

1) the most common reason:under the key the membrane has gotten dislodged or dirty so you should clean the board and membrane with some isopropyl alcohol to potentially restore functionality

2) it could be caused by a loose connection or a broken trace:to check for a loose connection get a fine probe and gently nudge all the legs on the bigger chips and pay attention for corrosion,to find a broken trace look for any dark spots on the little sines that go all over the main board

Here’s a video that should help

To try these methods you will have to take the calculator apart by following this video guide

Unfortunately there aren’t many guides on taking the full thing apart so you might have you take some screws out and see where it takes you:-)

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask



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