Flashing blue red square face

Can I make my LG G8 5G instead of three G

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Hi Brent,

It is fairly universal that phones cannot be upgraded in general, but you never know; there may be variants like some of the early iPhones where a different motherboard was used depending on the carrier it was being sold for.

Along that train of thought, there do seem to be several different models of the LG G8 ThinQ phone, so if you can give us the model number on yours, we might be able to cross check it against other models and see if what you want to do is even feasible.

Personally I suspect the chances of success are slim, but I'm not an expert on LG phones so you never know.

By the way, while your question is entirely reasonable, I'm totally confused by the title of your post, "Flashing blue red square face". What do you mean by that?